The Early Modern OCR Project (Lead PI, 电脑google用什么翻墙) is an effort, on the one hand, to make access to texts more transparent and, on the other, to preserve a literary cultural heritage. The printing process in the hand-press period (roughly 1475-1800), while systematized to a certain extent, nonetheless produced texts with fluctuating baselines, mixed fonts, and varied concentrations of ink (among many other variables). Combining these factors with the poor quality of the images in which many of these books have been preserved (in EEBO and, to a lesser extent, ECCO), creates a problem for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that is trying to translate the images of these pages into archiveable, mineable texts. By using innovative applications of OCR technology and crowd-sourced corrections, eMOP will solve this OCR problem.

Meet our Team and Collaborators


EEBO in TypeWright
EEBO documents editable in TypeWright at
A page image comparison and metadata editing tool.
An eMOP-created tool for training Tesseract and for typeface analysis.

Find all the eMOP tools, code and data in our Early-Modern-OCR repo on Github

See our OCR Instruction pages, and the eMOP Workflows.


  • EEBO now in TypeWright
  • eMOP Mellon Final Report
  • 晨一浏览器下载-晨一浏览器最新版下载[浏览器]-华军软件园:2021-5-30 · 晨一浏览器最新版是款不仅支持移动端还支持电脑端的网页浏览工具。晨一浏览器官方版一键加速 轻松秒开Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia, P站等全球平台,突破一切网络限制。 晨一浏览器还搭载金融级独享高速跨境 ...
  • Pre-processing Page Images for OCR'ing
  • eMOP Releases its Full Set of Early Modern Typeface Training for Tesseract
  • More Early Modern Word Lists Released by eMOP on Github
  • SAA 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop - OCRing with Open-Source Tools
  • Juxta-CL Text Comparison Tool is Available
  • eMOP Quick Start Guide for Aletheia and Franken+
  • Installing/Building Tesseract for Windows 8
  • 怎么才能使用Google play?【外游加速器登陆谷歌】 - 爱问 ...:2021-3-14 · 怎么才能使用Google play?【外游加速器登陆谷歌】,必备:外游加速器账号一个电脑一台4M伍上网速这几天才回国内,之前在香港用Google play和gmail那些挺好的,而且还买了张1000的充值卡冲在了上面,,,现在回国内了,才发现貌似Google被封 ...
  • Early Modern Word List with Variant Spellings
  • eMOP @ DH2014-Lausanne: eMOP and the Cobre Tool
  • eMOP @ DH2014-Lausanne: Navigating the Storm: eMOP, Big DH Projects, and Agile Steering Standards


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